About Wayra...

And option(From Quechua language, meaning wind), is a brand that differentiates by involving pre-Columbian crafting techniques, sustainable processes and decorative stones in the fabrics and textures that make up our garments. We give you a piece that looks like none other. A fine quality garment in its unique and unrepeatable way. Beautifully designed and unique, JUST LIKE YOU.al subtext

Our Purpose

Each piece is meticulously handmade by Colombian dressmakers and artisans, ensuring attention to every detail for top-notch quality. Our manufacturing methods prioritize labor dignity, fair compensation, and socially responsible practices.Every distinctive Wayra piece you purchase supports small emerging brands, artisanal craftsmanship, responsible production, and the pride of delivering beautiful, high-quality products to our clients.

educational services proided by ONG

Ethical Beachwear Brand

We donate 4% from every purchase to La Fundacion la Casita de los Suenos.La Casita de los Suenos is located in San Vicente El Caguan in the Deparment of Caqueta, Colombia.Their mission is strengthening protective environments through reading, writing and play in SVC's rural or urban educational communities.Our First Donation was made in August 2021 after the launch of our Collection NATURAL ESSENTIALS.